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Custom Scenes


Custom laser scenes can be a beautiful addition to a loved one’s monument. A skillfully assembled scene tastefully symbolizes an individual’s life story. The artistic success of any custom scene depends largely on the quality of the images that are used in its creation. The following guidelines are recommended when choosing and submitting images to be used in a custom laser scene:

When customizing an existing scene:
  • Specific elements may be removed from a scene such as deer, clouds, trees etc.
  • Portions of different stock scenes may be merged together
  • Personal images may be submitted to be incorporated into stock scenes
  • If requesting custom additions at artist’s discretion, be very specific in your request. For example:
  • Animals: included size, color, breed and special markings
  • People: include gender, age, nationality, build, hair (color, length & texture)
  • Motorized Vehicles: include make, model, color, specific markings.
  • Landscape elements: include specific geographic region that can be referenced for types of trees, size of mountains, texture of ground etc.
When submitting images to be assembled into a custom scene:
  • Reference guidelines listed under portrait submission for specific requirements for photo quality.
  • If photos are taken specifically for use in a custom scene, multiple images of a landscape should be taken from the same angle. This is very important with buildings such as houses and barns. Provide large, up-close images of these elements when possible. These structures are the most important information to be captured within a photo. Surrounding trees and land can be added by the artist.
  • Ensure that multiple landscape photos are taken in similar seasons