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  • Monument Installation
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  • New Concrete Foundations
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  • Veteran's & Community Memorials
  • Monument Removal
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  • New Granite Foundations
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We have been installing monuments to the highest quality since 1861. Our experienced and skilled installers are experts at working with monuments, memorials, headstones, bronze plaques, granite bases, vase and flag installation, cemetery markers and new monument foundations.

We guarantee that your new monument will be installed to the highest standards and we always stand 100% behind our work. All of our new concrete foundations have several post holes dug down below the frost line to prevent your foundation from settling and becoming un-level. We also reinforce our pads with rebar and use a high strength concrete mix so your base will withstand the heavy weight of your monument and hold up to the natural outdoor elements in Northern Illinois.

Below are a few images of our installation process for new concrete foundations. You will also find a few images of some of our recent monument installations.

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Monument and Memorial Installation

After we pour a concrete foundation or set a granite foundation for your monument, we will install the monument on top of the base. Our monuments are caulked down with special high strength caulk made just for setting monuments and memorials. Once caulked down, we will polish up your new monument and fill in around the foundation with dirt and seed.

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Monument and Memorial Cleaning and Restoration

Monuments are typically around for 100s of years and exposed to some hard outdoor elements. From time to time your monument may need a little cleaning or restoration. We provide cleaning services for monuments. Our cleaning process uses cleaners that will not harm or damage the finish on your stone. We will remove all  mildew, mold and dirt and clean the foundation. Your monument will look and shine like new after we have finished cleaning it. Below is a before and after photo of a monument that was cleaned during the summer of 2013.

BEFORE CLEANING                                                                                                                         AFTER CLEANING

Monument Repair

Age, vandalism and harsh weather often takes a toll on monuments. We can repair monuments of all ages and sizes that have broken. We use special epoxies that will bond the broken pieces of the monument back together permanently. If you have a monument that is sinking and needs releveling, we can fix that as well. Before and after images of repairs and releveling coming soon!

Before Repair
After Repair
Before Re-level
After Re-level